Syrian Arab Army Shells Turkish Army Base in Al-Eis in South Aleppo

Clashes continued between ISIS terrorists and Syrian Democratic Forces in the Al-Bahar village in Deir Ezzor. ISIS’s suicide bomber detonated his belt at the SDF position, killing and wounding 15 Kurdish fighters. Coalition Air Force carried several airstrikes targeting ISIS terrorists, but only casualties among civilians were reported yet.

Swift, intense offensive was conducted by SAA in north-eastern Hama. Government forces have managed to capture 7 villages from ISIS during the last 24 hours. ISIS, in their turn, has claimed capturing 5 SAA tanks near Sinjar in south-eastern Idlib.

Russian Air Force has struck militants’ positions in Kafranbel, Jarjanaz, Saraqe and 6 other towns, killing at least 55 rebels. Syrian Army forces gained control of Tal Sultan (for the moment, HTS took it back) and Al-Mushayrifah localities north-west of Abu Dhuhur, but lost control over Tal Touqan and Ras Al-Ain. Tal.

Syrian Army has taken several buildings, armored bulldozer and a tank in the Nufous district of Arbin (Damascus gov.) after continuous shootings with militants. Militants have inflicted some heavy casualties to SAA after blowing up a tunnel in the Ein Terma district, killing 14 soldiers.

Turkish Air Force jets continued shelling Afrin canton, eliminating 35 targets in the last day. FSA have regained Surkah and Dikmetas villages and the Serkaya Hill from SDF, while SDF have recaptured Sheikh Khoruz and taken down a Turkish tank near the Bulbul.

Turkey has deployed a military base in the Al-Eis village by the night. SAA has already begun the artillery shelling and inflicted first couple losses among the base’s personel.

06. 02. 2018, 04:04