Militants have systems that can shoot down aircraft

On Saturday, February 3 in the province of Idlib, a Russian SU-25 aircraft was shot down. The pilot catapulted but was killed landing on the ground. According to sources, the plane was shot down by a man-portable air defense system. But how could militants get such a dangerous weapon?

The main suspects have to be the Syrian Kurds. They could both sell weapons and lose it fighting against the militants in the north of Syria. In favor of the first version is a bad story of the Kurds themselves – they have been repeatedly noted in reselling weapons to the terrorists of the Islamic State. However, earlier it was mostly small arms, compared to it man-portable air defense systems are more expensive and complex. Against this version speaks the fact that the Kurds themselves now need such systems to combat Turkish jets. The last version seems more likely, and moreover, a few days ago, the militants showed the systems seized from the Kurds in Afrin district.

None of the versions doesn’t remove guilt from the Kurds. They become guilty of increasing tension in the region and help strengthen militants, who can now shoot down even planes.

03. 02. 2018, 17:05