PMU Declares Complete Liberation Of Iraqi Border From ISIS; SAA Reaches Idlib province

Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces burning an ISIS flag in Deir Ezzor / twitter:SteeleM35085377

After a day-long siege, Syrian Democratic Forces captured of the town of Al-Kharaij located south-east of Abu Hamam in Deir Ezzor province. Meanwhile, Iraqi Al Hashd al-Shaabi militia declared the complete liberation of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

ISIS Terrorists have reached south-east Idlib border in the province of Hama, capturing Huways Ibn Hadib, Qal’at Al-Huways, Huways Um Al-Jarn and Jabal Huways from Tarhir Al-Sham militants. Syrian Army, supported by Russian Air Force, advanced towards Idlib too, liberating Balil, Tell Balil and Umm Khazem villages in the course of the day.

Syrian Army fighters ousted militants from several heights near Maghar al-Mir in western Damascus province.

After rejecting to sign the de-escalation zone agreement Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham militants, on their hand, moved to north-eastern Latakia.

10. 12. 2017, 02:02