SAA Began Storm Of Abu Kamal; ISIS Holds Positions In Eastern Suburbs

The city of Abu Kamal on 18.11.2017

Syrian Arab Army has launched a storm of Abu Kamal. Terrorists are still strongly holding their positions and showing fierce resistance in the eastern suburbs of the city despite heavy artillery bombardment from the Army. Field sources say there’re a lot of foreign fighters among terrorists defending the last stronghold, thus it’s clear that ISIS gathered a lot of forces for this battle.

The Army is also forcing the Hawija Kati Island, where terrorists are subjected to intense shelling by tanks and “Shilkas”. Syrian soldiers are also fighting ISIS near Layeth Granij village.

SDF fighters have captured Al-Jama from ISIS and are currently engaged in fights with ISIS near Suwaydan Jazirah, south of Mayadin in Deir Ezzor governorate.

Fighting continued between SAA and armed rebel groups on various fronts. Syrian Artillery and air force has struck militants’ positions in AleppoDamascusHamaHoms and Kuneytra governorates. Active battles are ongoing in Harasta and Madira of Damascus governorate. Government forces have captured several villages in Hama, including Harran and Hardanah. SAA has lost at least 18 soldiers, several vehicles and tanks in Aleppo and Hama.

19. 11. 2017, 00:12