Syrian Air Force Strikes Positions of Foreign Militants in Hama

6th April 2017

On the past day, the Syrian Arab Army continued their offensive at the eastern Aleppo Governorate and liberated the settlement of Baylan, located near the Jirah Airbase, from ISIS terrorists. South of this region, in the al-Mazeed area and near the settlement of Al-Sukhnah at the western Homs suburbs, positions of terrorists were hit by the Syrian Air Forces airstrikes. The SAA ground troops did not make any advances in the aforementioned countryside.

On the other hand, Government Forces managed to liberate from ISIS the settlements of Hilal, Al-Dashm and Milad west of the Deir Ezzor Governorate administrative centre. Also, a number of enemy’s military equipment was destroyed in the cemetery area.

Meanwhile, the fighters of SDF have finally surrounded ISIS terrorists in the town of Tabqa. This attainment was made when SDF captured the village of Safsafah (Raqqa CS). The International Coalition, who is supporting Kurdish forces, carried out an airstrike on the terrorist positions at the north-east of Raqqa city.

In the neighbouring country of Iraq, the local army has advanced at the western Mosul, after liberating the al-Maghreb district from ISIS. Unfortunately, the terrorists managed to shot down the Iraqi Army helicopter flying over the city.

The Syrian Air Force launched a number of airstrikes on the positions of militants in the settlements of Qastun, Mousasanah and Maardes as well as in the towns of Souran, al-Latamina, Kafr Zita and Kafr Nabouda, but opposition troops are not going to retreat. At the same time, the Syrian Army forces managed to eliminate one of the top commanders of “Tahrir al-Sham” Abu Ana al-Sudani in the settlement of Maardes.

Outside of Hama governorate, the SAA also continued its confrontation with the militants. Thus, Government troops have repulsed the attack launched by rebels, destroying 3 mined vehicles belonging to them. Also, the Syrian Army forces won the clashes in the suburb of Daraa and in the Al-Lajat area in the north of the Suwayda province.

Artillery of the Syrian Army shelled the positions of militants in the al-Qaboun district of Damascus, in the settlement of Harasta (Damascus CS) and in the Anadan neighbourhood north-west of Aleppo. The Syrian Air Force carried out a number of airstrikes on militants in the town of Maarat Al-Numan (southern Idlib CS) and in the Al-Manshiya district of the Daraa city. The Russian Air Force, in their turn, shelled the militant positions in the settlements of Khan Al-Suboul Termila, Taftanaz and Saraqeb (Idlib CS), in the settlement of Khayyan (Northern Aleppo CS) and in the Al-Kasimiya neighbourhood (western Aleppo CS).

Over the past day, militants managed to destroy a number of military equipment of the Government army in the suburbs of Aleppo and in the Barza district of the city of Damascus as well as to push back the Syrian Army troops in the Al-Manshiya district of Daraa.

06. 04. 2017, 19:07