After taking the city of Al-Bab the next target of the turkish forces would be Raqqa.

8th February 2017


• Deir Ezzor: Syrian and Russian Air Forces continue to be target sites and points of the spread of ISIS terrorists on the southern axis of the city of Deir Ezzor; injuries directly into the ranks of ISIS.


• FSA alongside with the Turkish Army launched a new assault to seize the strategic city of Al-Bab from the ISIS in east Aleppo. According to local reports, the Turkish Army and their rebel allies stormed the small village of Sheikh Aqil, where they were confronted by a large ISIS force. In the mean time the Syrian Army alongside with Hezbollah trying to reach the city of Al-Bab from south.
• The Islamic State’s official media wing claimed that their forces killed at least 40 Syrian Arab Army soldiers during the battle for the Khanasser Highway in southeast Aleppo recently.
• A second ISIS’ SVBIED targeted the Syrian Army forces south of Al-Bab, allegedly destroyed one tank and killed 7 soldiers.
• Most probably, “Euphrates Shield” forces will take Al-Bab at the end while the Syrian Army will take the town of Tadef and turn to the Maskanah town.
• There are clashes between the FSA and YPG in the Arab Hassane village, south west of Jarabulus city.
• FSA forces in conjunction with Faylaq al-Sham gained full control of Biza’ah Farms after clashes with ISIS terrorists in the area.
• The Turkish forces are hitting the YPG positions around the town of Tell Rifaatin and the Menagh Military Airbase south of Azaz city.
• ISIS terrorists launched attacks from several directions towards sites and gatherings of the Syrian Army at the town of Khanasir southern countryside of Aleppo, and were able to destroy a number of SAA’s barriers.
• ISIS terrorists regained control of the Al-Batushiyah town at the Al-Bab countryside.
• Eight civilians were killed in the airstrikes by Turkish forces at the city of al-Bab.
• Two Turkish soldiers were killed and 15 wounded in clashes at the city of Al-Bab.
• Syrian Air Forces carried out several airstrikes on militants in the town of Anadan at the northern countryside of Aleppo.
• The Syrian Army forces and the Palestinian al-Quds Brigade stationed in the village of Handarat targeting with heavy artillery militants at the Haritan city in the northern Aleppo countryside.
• Turkish Army reported that their forces have killed 58 ISIS terrorists in the Al-Bab area.
• The Syrian Army continues to advance in the area of al-Bab; immediate goals are towns of Tadef and Tell Aran.
• The Syrian Army’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the ISIS positions in the town of Tadef at the north-east Aleppo.
• Two Palestinians killed and 40 wounded in the artillery shells launched by militant groups on the district of Hamdaniya in Aleppo.


• Homs: The US-led coalition has increased its sorties against ISIS terrorists in the ancient city of Palmyra. The Coalition’s 9 airstrikes destroyed 17 heavy equipment vehicles, 11 vehicles, 4 dump trucks, 3 front-end loaders, 3 VBIED’s and 2 tanks belonging to ISIS.
• Homs: ISIS terrorists recaptured the village of Majbal Al-Zaft near the Hayyan Gas Fields.
• Homs: Clashes continued between the ISIS terrorists and the SAA near the T4 Airbase in Homs countryside.
• Homs: The Syrian Air Force warplanes launched several airstrikes on the spread of ISIS terrorist sites in the vicinity of the city of Homs.
• Homs: The Syrian Army destroyed a tank, a vehicle fitted with a 23 mm machine gun and eliminated a number of ISIS terrorists on the direction of Hayyan field at the eastern Homs countryside.
• Deir Ezzor: The Syrian Arab Army continued their counter-assault in Deir Ezzor on Tuesday night, striking the Islamic State’s defenses around the provincial cemetery.
• Deir Ezzor: 6 civilians were wounded in artillery shells launched by ISIS terrorists on the Al-Barid district of Deir Ezzor.
• Deir Ezzor: Warplanes targeted ISIS terrorists at the Turdah Mountain, the cemetery area and the area around Thayyem Oil Fields south of the city of Deir Ezzor.
• Deir Ezzor: ISIS terrorists executed 4 militants-defectors from the New Syria Army after undergoing repentance sessions in Deir Ezzor.
• Deir Ezzor: The Syrian Army artillery shelled ISIS positions in the districts of Al-Hawiqah and Hamidiyeh in Deir Ezzor.
• Deir Ezzor: ISIS terrorists beheaded a civilian in Al-Mayadin city. ISIS claims he was a “Magician”.
• Raqqa: SDF has captured the villages of Al-Abudiyah, Badrani, Khuwayshah, Bir Al Hisyan, Abu Dallah, Lubaydan, Abu Susah, Mushayrifah and Abu Kabra from ISIS terrorists.
• Raqqa: Turkish Presidential sources say Trump and Erdogan agreed to act together against ISIS terrorists in Syria’s Al-Bab and Raqqa. Also President Erdogan urged President Trump not to support PYD/YPG.
• Raqqa: Kurdish militants gained control of the village of Ma’izilah north of Raqqa after clashes with ISIS.
• Raqqa: Heavy clashes between the YPG and ISIS terrorists in the villages of Swediyah, Hamarin and Widyan at the western countryside.
• Raqqa: Turkish FM said that after taking the city of Al-Bab their next target would be offensive on Raqqa.
• Raqqa: ISIS terrorists executed two people caught in Qalamoun east on charges of dealing with “Jaysh al-Islam” group.
• Iraq: ISIS terrorists had used a major hospital in the city of Mosul as a military base for two years, Human Rights Watch said in a report.
• Iraq: Three new photo reports purportedly released by the ISIS shows its increasing usage of bomb carrying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to attack enemy positions.
• Iraq: Four ISIS terrorists were killed on Wednesday when military jets bombed a small boat they were boarding off the western bank of Tigris River in Mosul.\
• Iraq: Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have successfully repelled ISIS attack on Tal Abtah west Mosul. 20 terrorists were killed including 4 wearing Suicide vests.
• Iraq: ISIS terrorists have burned 20 civilians to death over charges of providing information about the group to security forces. The execution was carried out before a watching crowd in Wadi Hajar, south of Mosul. Meanwhile terrorists have executed seven of its fighters after they attempted to flee one of its secret camps in the region.
• Iraq: Iraqi army has killed 26 ISIS terrorists in separate locations in Mosul, while bringing down drones guided by the extremist group.
• Iraq: The self-proclaimed ISIS group imposed a comprehensive curfew in Wadi Akab, west of Mosul, and cut off all roads leading to the area. The curfew was imposed amid intense movement of vehicles carrying blue barrels, suspected to contain explosive materials.


• Damascus: “Jaysh Al-Islam” deployed a T-62 to back its militants at the Hawsh Nasri front during their counter-attack against the Syrian Army in Eastern Ghouta.
• Damascus: “Jaysh Al-Islam” has killed Brig. General Mohamed Al-Masri from Tartus province on Harasta front at Eastern Ghouta.
• Damascus: The 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard with several armored vehicles plowing through territory held by “Jaysh al-Islam” at full throttle, scores of Islamist combatants were scattered by the surprise attack, thereby forcing them to abandon their positions and flee towards the Islamist bastion of Douma.
• Damascus: Militants prevent the withdrawing of civilians from the Douma city in the suburbs of Damascus.
• Damascus: Violent clashes between the militants and the Syrian Army forces on the eastern front of the town of Hauz Nasri.
• Damascus: Violent clashes between the militants and the Syrian Army forces on the fronts of Al-Midani and Hazrama in the Eastern Ghouta.
• Latakia: 8 Militants were killed ambushed as they tried to sneak into the SAA Military post near Kabanah.
• Latakia: FSA shelled the Syrian Army positions at the Al-Bulat Hill in Latakia.
• Homs: The Syrian Army artillery shelled militants’ positions in the towns of Talbiseh, Hawsh Haju and Al-Ghantu at the northern Homs suburb.
• Homs: The Syrian Army shelled militant positions in the al-Waer district in Homs.
• Homs: Militants shelled the rocket-propelled grenade on the al-Abbasiyah district of the Homs city.
• Daraa: The Syrian Army forces bombed militants in the town of Bosra east of Daraa, resulting in material damage.
• Daraa: The SAA exploded militants’ vehicle with an IED in Daraa countryside.
• Idlib: The Syrian Army shelled militant positions near the town of Jisr ash-Shugur.
• Idlib: Syrian Air Force launched several airstrikes on militants in the city of Idlib.
• Idlib: Syrian Air Force launched an airstrike on positions of militants in the town of Al-Taman’ah south of Idlib.
• Idlib: Syrian Air Force launched an airstrike on militants in the Sarja village south of Idlib.
• Hama: “Liwa al-Aqsa” has launched coordinated attacks on FSA positions (mostly “Jaish al-Nasr”) in northern Hama. The group gained control on the Kafr Zita town, Taybat Imam town, 9 barriers & besieged FSA in Halfaya, Lataminah and 4 other regions.
• Hama: Prisoner Exchange between the Syrian Army and militants took place today in the town of Qalaat al-Madiq. 54-57 civilians freed including 20 children.
• Hama: Syrian Air Force warplanes launched four airstrikes on militants in the town of Akrab.
• Hama: Syrian Air Force launched several airstrikes at the positions of militants in the city Halfaya.
• Suwayda: Two people shot dead by unidentified militant at the road As-Suwayda – Damascus.


• Homs: Unconfirmed reports claim SAA have entered al-Mahr oil field Area.
• Daraa: Center for psychological support and education opens in Tafa.
• Tartus: A decision was made to transform the agricultural Tartus airport into a civilian one.

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