Syrian Army Makes Several Successful Attacks on Militants

In the last 24 hours, the Syrian Arab Army launched several attacks on militants in northwestern Syria.

The SAA with the assistance of the Russian Aerospace Forces stormed the village Sukayk and the hill of the same name in the south of Idlib. The militants in turn launched a counterattack. They used car stuffed with explosives and artillery.

Meanwhile, the government forces liberated from militants of Jaysh Al-Izza and Tahrir Al-Sham the settlement of Mughar Al-Hamam and came close to the Al-Habit in the southwest of the same province.

The SAA also managed to recapture several hills from the Tahrir Al-Sham in the vicinity of the strategic settlement of Kbanah in the northeast of Latakia province.

The Tahrir Al-Sham in turn fired several shells at government positions in the settlement of Slenfex in the eastern part of Latakia province.

11. 08. 2019, 01:01
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