SAA Regains Control of Al-Sakhr and Al-Jaysat in Hama Province

Syrian Army storms first strategic town inside of southwest Idlib/almasdarnews

The SAA regained control of al-Sakhr and al-Jaysat in the province of Hama. Government forces also retaliated against ISIS terrorists in central Syria by launching several attacks on the positions of terrorist groups in the province of Homs.

As a result of shelling by militants, Khafa and Kirdaha in Latakia province killed 5 civilians, including 2 children.

On the Al-Huwayz front in the province of Hama, fierce battles took place between the SAA and opposition forces.

Syria expressed its absolute rejection of the agreement between the US and Turkey on the creation of the so-called «safe zone», which is a blatant attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and a gross violation of the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

09. 08. 2019, 04:04
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