Armed Opposition Announced the Start of Operations Against SAA in the Kurd Mountains in the North of Latakia

Syrian Army rebounds in northern Latakia all areas recaptured/almasdar

The armed opposition announced the start of operations against SAA in the Kurd Mountains in the north of Latakia province. It also reported the capture of four SAA fighters in the area of ​​the clashes and the destruction of two government tanks.

Military space forces of the Russian Federation bombed the positions of militants in the provinces of Idlib and Hama.

A Turkish convoy, consisting of 150 trucks with military equipment, headed through Hatay to the border with Idlib. Also, the Turkish Air Force attacked PKK targets in northern Iraq, as a result of which 3 terrorists were neutralized.

Iraq’s operational command reported the liquidation of the terrorist headquarters and the disposal of dozens of IEDs during an operation against IS.

10. 07. 2019, 02:02
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