Turkish-Backed Rebels Hit Syrian Jet with Anti-Aircraft Missile in Idlib

Jihadists launch new attack to capture key town in northwest Hama/almasdarnews

Assault forces fired rockets at the town of Kafr-Betikh in the countryside of Idlib. As a result of the rocket attack on the village of Kafr Batik south of Idlib, two civilians were injured. As a result of shelling by rocket launchers of the town of Kafr Battikh, in the countryside of Idlib, nine wounded people were found, including five children.

In the evening, artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces stationed in Maaraat al-Numan in the south of Idlib was recorded. The rebels put a missile attack on the positions of supporters of Assad at Hama airport

The Turkish-backed National Liberation Front (NLF) struck a Syrian fighter jet with an anti-aircraft missile while it was flying a sortie over the Idlib Governorate on Friday. According to a military report, the Turkish-backed rebels clipped a Syrian Air Force Su-22 jet in southwest Idlib, but the fighter pilot was able to maintain control of the warplane and return the aircraft to its home base. The Turkish-backed rebels, specifically the Free Syrian Army (FSA), have used MANPADS in the past to shoot down Syrian Air Force jets and helicopters

08. 06. 2019, 02:02
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