Russian Space Forces Made a Series of Blows to the North of Damascus and on its Coastline

Turkish troops move within 2km of Syrian Army in northwestern Hama/almasdarnews

The Syrian Arab army launched a new attack on the key city of Kabani in northeastern Latakia, targeting the southern part of this battle stronghold. With the support of heavy artillery, the 4th Armored Division of the Syrian Arab Army attempted to break through the defense of the militants on the steep mountain of Zuveyhat. However, the attack of the Syrian army ultimately did not reach its goal, as they were forced to return to a safe position, losing several soldiers.


The Russian Space Forces conducted a series of strikes north of Damascus and on its coastline. A number of explosions were also reported in the area. There were air raids on groups of Sheikhun and Habit in rural Idlib. A mine exploded near the village of Huair el Ice in the southern suburb of Aleppo, a child was killed, and two others were injured. A Turkish military convoy entered the northwestern countryside of Hama province, approaching the last occupied positions of the Syrian Arab Army. According to a Hama government report, the Turkish military convoy was deployed 2 km from the front line of the Syrian Arab Army along the Hama Idlib axis. The Turkish military does not seem to come out of this region, despite the persistent efforts of the Syrian Arab Army to advance into the militant-held areas of Hama and Idlib.

18. 05. 2019, 02:02
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