Tahrir al-Sham Announces Murder of 3 Soldiers of Syrian Army in Aleppo

The militants of Tahrir al-Sham announced the murder of 3 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army in the village of Khan Tuman in the south of Aleppo province.

At the same time, the SAA raised the Syrian flag over the city Tell Rifaat in the province of Aleppo and confirmed that government forces would protect the city from any aggressor.

It is reported that three government soldiers were also killed as a result of a group of suicide bomber attack on the Taybat al-Imam checkpoint in the north of the province of Hama.

The IS’ terrorists carried out a series of attacks on the Kurds positions in the Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Hasakah provinces. It was reported that there are casualties among the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces.

2 explosions occurred near the National Hospital in the city of Raqqa. As a result, two civilians were injured.

10. 04. 2019, 02:02
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