Militants and Syrian Troops Bombard Each Other in Northwest of Syrian Republic

Over the past day, Kurdish troops continued to evacuate the residents of the city of Al-Beguz (prov. Deir Ezzor), as well as to search for sleeping the IS cells and mines. It is reported that more than 200 terrorists, previously stationed in the south of the province, surrendered to Kurdish fighters.

Yesterday morning, the Syrian army organized an attack on the grouping of Jaish al-Izza, firing enemy positions in the area of ​​the cities of Al-Latamin and Kafr Zita (prov. Hama). In addition, the SAA artillery opened fire on the sites of the National Liberation Front in the Al-Gab plain in the north-west of Hama province.

In the afternoon, the Syrian air forces again went to Idlib province and launched several air strikes against the positions of the Tahrir ash-Sham militants in the cities of Maarat al-Numan and Khan Sheikhoun.

The HTS fighters, in turn, launched several missiles in the Aleppo city area, thereby causing material damage. In addition, the territory of government troops in the vicinity of the settlement was shelled. Masyaf in the western province of Hama.

01. 03. 2019, 01:01
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