Coalition Air Force Attacked Syrian Allies in Deir Ezzor

Last night, the coalition air forces inflicted several air strikes on the positions of the Iranian forces in the settlement  Al-Sukkaria in the suburb of Abu-Kamal in the south of the province of Deir Ezzor. It is reported that as a result, two SAA soldiers were seriously injured. The losses among the Armed Forces of Iran are not reported. Representatives of the coalition has not yet commented on the situation.

The IS terrorists, in their turn, decided to take advantage of the situation and in the morning attacked the positions of the government troops to the west of the settlement Al-Baguz (prov. Deir Ezzor), but the SAA repulsed the attack.

In addition, the Syrian troops continued a massive shelling of militants of the Tahrir al-Sham and Jaish al-Izz groups in the north of the province of Hama and the south of the province of Idlib. In the end, several jihadists were killed, and directly in the village Al-Habit (prov.  Idlib) destroyed a weapons depot and several HTS vehicles.

Meanwhile, Turkish artillery opened fire on positions of Kurdish fighters near the village of Sheikh Issa in the north of Aleppo province. In response, the Kurds fired at the enemy in the city of Mari.

03. 02. 2019, 23:11
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