Russian Aerospace Forces Conduct Air Strikes against Militants in Idlib

The Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a series of air strikes against positions of militants in the areas of al-Tamanah and Mintar west of Khan Shaykhun in the southern suburb of Idlib.

In the last 24 hours, fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and Tahrir al-Sham’ militants occurred on the Salwa and Qah fronts in the northern suburb of Idlib. Also, the FSA repulsed a massive attack of Tahrir al-Sham in southern Idlib.

The coalition air force launched air strikes on the town of Ash Shafah in the eastern suburbs of Deir Ezzor. As a result, a family of 11 people died.

The Iraqi Air Force launched a second series of air strikes against terrorists in the eastern countryside in Deir Ezzor province. As a result, the caches of ammunition and weapons of IS and 7 terrorist commanders were destroyed

The Syrian Arab Army launched missile strikes against militants in the town of Kafrniji in Latakia province, as well as in the town of Bidama in western Idlib.

The tanks of SAA also shelled militant’s positions near the Al-Zakat and Al-Lataminah areas in north Hama. The government forces shelled from artillery the positions of militants in the settlements of al Bana and Kafr Nabudah in Hama governorate.

05. 01. 2019, 00:12
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