Coalition Launches New Military Base on Syrian-Iranian Border

It is reported that the Coalition forces have established a new military base near the Syrian-Iraqi border in the west of Al Anbar province.

It is also reported that the coalition forces inflicted numerous air strikes on the positions of terrorists in the settlements of Abu Hasan, Al-Susah, Ash Sha’Fah and Hajin in Deir Ezzor governorate. Terrorists resisted and repulsed the last attack of Kurdish troops in the city of Hajin. As a result, 5 fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed and injured. The SDF in turn seized the hospital of the city of Hajin with the support of the coalition forces.

Turkish trucks entered the Turkish observation post in Soran in the suburb of Idlib.
The Syrian Arab Army shelled the positions of militants in Al-Tamanah, Al-Tah and Jarjanaz in the southern suburb of Idlib.

Five soldiers of the SAA were injured in the shelling by unknown militants on the Um al-Mayazen highway in the eastern suburb of Daraa.

The SAA conducted artillery shelling in the settlements of Markabah, Morek and Al-Lataminah in Hama province. Clashes between the SAA and the militants occurred on the Soran front in the suburb of Hama. As a result, several militants were killed and injured.

11. 12. 2018, 02:02
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