Syrian Army Continues to Shell Militants in Idlib and Hama

The artillery of the SAA bombarded militants in the south of Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army shelled from heavy artillery the positions of militants in settlements of al-Tamanah, Khuwayn and Zarzur in Idlib province. The militants struck the positions of the SAA in the village of Ma’an in response to the government artillery barrage in the south of province.

The SAA conducted artillery shelling into the settlements of al-Lataminah, Lahaya and Morek in Hama governorate. Also, the government forces prevented an attempt to penetrate by militants in the north of the province. The Syrian Army responded with artillery strikes against the positions of the militants near the village of Al-Sarmaniyah.

The coalition air force made air raids on the city of Hajin in Deir Ezzor province. The artillery of the Syrian Democratic Forces bombarded the positions of the IS in the settlement of Abu Hassan southeast of the city of Hajin. Also, reinforcements of the SDF arrived in the province.

The SAA shelled the village of Kabana in the north of Latakia province.

02. 12. 2018, 21:09
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