Syrian Army Prepares New Operation in Northern Latakia

In the last 24 hours, the Syrian Arab Army has prevented another attempt to penetrate militants into government territory in the Kurnaz area of the northern Hama province. The Syrian army sent additional reinforcements in that region in connection with the frequent attacks.

In addition, the command of the SAA sent the 4th division to the north of the province of Latakia. In the near future, a new operation is planned in the area against the militants of the Tahrir al-Sham. At the moment, reconnaissance of the Russian Aerospace Forces are investigating the region and collecting information about the bases, posts and trenches of the enemy forces.

The Syrian air defense systems intercepted several missiles aimed at military infrastructure in the region of the Al-Kiswah and Ad Dimas settlements in Damascus governorate. According to the main version, the missiles were launched by the Israeli Air Force.

30. 11. 2018, 02:02
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