Kurdish Troops Prepare to Recapture Lost Territories from ISIS Terrorists

Syrian Army’s elite 4th Division to move to west Aleppo for upcoming offensive/almasdarnews

Having lost a certain number of villages and cities in the south of Deir Ezzor province over the past weekend, the fighters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” began to intensively prepare for the counterattack against terrorists. Reinforcements of the Kurdish troops were urgently sent to the city of Hajin from the north-east of Syria.

Iraqi “Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi” forces, who yesterday announced their combat ready status due to the fact that terrorists almost came close to the Syrian-Iraqi border, are also preparing for clashes. It is reported that in the evening, the IS accomplices began shelling the positions of the Iraqi Armed Forces, as well as the Syrian city of Abu-Kamal.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army is preparing for the operation against militants who refused to leave the buffer zone in the province of Aleppo last week. The 42nd brigade elite troops received the order to swarm out along the front lines in the western districts of the city of Aleppo.

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