US Coalition Warplanes Attacks Kurdish Soldiers in South-East of Syria

Syrian Army placed on high alert as jihadists remain inside buffer zone/almasdarnews

The Syrian army brought its troops, based along the demilitarized zone in the north-west of Syria, on high alert due to the refusal of the radical militants to leave the territory at the front line. In addition, the Syrian Air Forces continue to reconnoitre the situation over the buffer zone.

Yesterday in the south of the province of Deir Ezzor, violent clashes between the ISIS terrorists and the “Syrian Democratic Forces” continued. During the fights south of the city of Al-Susah, Kurdish troops managed to eliminate 12 terrorists. The situation of the Kurds, however, was overshadowed by the erroneous actions of the US coalition warplanes.

RIA News Agency, referring to a diplomatic source, reported that two coalition warplanes launched the airstrikes against friendly troops near the city of Hajin (Deir Ezzor gov.), resulting in at least 6 Kurdish fighters were killed, another 15 were injured. Taking advantage of this error, the IS terrorists captured several SDF positions.

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