Fighting Continues Between Syrian Democratic Forces and IS in Deir Ezzor

Fierce clashes continue between SDF and IS in Al-Susah area amid bad weather conditions.

The Kurdish troops fired at positions of the IS in the towns of Hajin and Al-Susah. The terrorists in turn made two attacks on the checkpoint of SDF in the area of the bridge in the town of Al-Busayrah in Deir Ezzor province. Fighting continues between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the IS near the settlement of Al-Susah east of the city of Abu Kamal in inclement weather conditions. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units claim that they hold 900 foreign IS fighters in their prisons.

3 civilians were killed in air strikes by the coalition air forces on Al-Shaafah in Deir-Ezzor governorate. Also, the Coalition air force conducted airstrikes on the city of Hajin.

The snipers of IS killed 9 fighters of Syrian Arab Army in the Tal Safa area of Damascus province. The engineering forces of SAA in the Qaboun area destroyed IEDs and ammunition seized from the militants and the IS.

The Syrian Arab Army reported through loudspeakers to militants in the Al-Zahraa region the west of the province of Aleppo that they have time to 15 October to withdraw the troops, otherwise Syrian troops will use force against them. Also, the Syrian Army shelled the positions of militant in the areas of Al-Lataminah and Janabra in the province of Hama.

Demonstrations were held against the Assad regime in the Maarshorin area in the southern suburb of Idlib. The “Tahrir ash-Sham” arrested a media activist for criticizing the “Syrian Salvation Government” on Facebook in Idlib province.

12. 10. 2018, 04:04
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