Syrian Army Captures Highest Point of Al-Safa Volcanic Plateau

Syrian Army’s elite 4th Division heads to southern Syria for final showdown with ISIS/almasdarnews

According to a military source, last night, despite early reports of the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the demilitarized zone in the northwest of the Syrian Republic, the Turkish-backed rebels attacked residential areas of the city of Aleppo (Aleppo gov.), thereby causing material damage and injuring several residents. In response, government troops launched several missiles on the enemy’ positions in the Al-Layramoun district.

By the morning in the north-east of the province of As-Suwayda, the confrontation between the ISIS terrorists and the SAA resumed. With the support of the RuAF, the Syrian troops managed to liberate the highest point on the territory of the Al-Safa volcanic plateau.

Meanwhile, the fighters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” continued the operation against the Islamic State in the south of the Deir Ezzor province and repelled several quarters of the city of As-Susah from terrorists.

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