Terrorists Execute Hostage Taken from As-Suwayda

IS executed a hostage abducted in July in As-Suwayda

Terrorists executed one of the hostages captured at the end of July during the attack on the city of As-Suwayda. Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army continues to attack against terrorists in the Al-Safa Plateau.

The IS attacked Kurdish troops in the settlement of Bahra southwest of the town of Kharanij in Deir Ezzor province.

There is fighting between militants of Tahrir ash-Sham and sleeping ISIS cells on the front of al-Dana in Idlib governorate. Several terrorists were killed and injured.

Russia delivered 4 installations of S-300 to Syria, as well as additional hardware and military equipment. The Israeli Air Force said that in response to the deployment of the Russian S-300 missile systems, they will increase the intensity of the use of F-35 aircraft.

03. 10. 2018, 23:11
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