Coalition Air Forces Destroy Large Group of Terrorists

26 members of ISIS were killed by airstrikes of the Coalition Air Forces in al-Baghooz village

The coalition air forces destroyed 26 terrorists near the village of al-Bagouz in Deir Ezzor province. During the clashes, the Syrian Democratic Forces captured new territories near the village. However, the coalition air forces could not protect the SDF for a time because of the sandstorm. Terrorists took advantage of this pause and repulsed the territories captured by the Kurds. It is also reported that the terrorists organized an ambush and destroyed 7 Kurdish fighters.

The Syrian Arab Army captured 5 terrorists and killed one terrorist at the front of Tulul al-Safa in As-Suwayda governorate.

The SAA attacked the Tahrir al-Sham militants near al-Janabir in the province of Hama, killing many fighters. The militants were engaged in strengthening their positions and did not expect an attack.

The quadripartite meeting of Turkey, Russia, Germany and France was held in Istanbul and ended with the discussion of the preparations for the summit on Syria.


15. 09. 2018, 00:12
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