Russian Aviation and Syrian Army Conduct Heavy Blow Against Militants in North of Hama

The Syrian artillery struck the position of militants in the north of Hama

The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian artillery struck the positions of militants in the north-western part of Hama governorate. The missile installations of militants near al-Lataminah and Kafrzeta were destroyed by targeted Syrian Army artillery fire. It is also reported that the SAA destroyed a group of elite militants by artillery fire on the highway between Mount Shahshbo and the town of Kalat al-Madik. One of the killed militants is a top commander.

The militants in turn shelled the government airbase north-east of Hama, as well as the perimeter of the village of Kahira on the al-Gaab plain. They also managed to shoot down a Syrian helicopter.

Several militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed in a terrorist ambush at the vicinity of the Saijan oil field east of Deir Ezzor.

11. 09. 2018, 01:01
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