Syrian Arab Army Conduct Massive Attack Against Militants in Hama

The SAA has bombarded the positions of militants in Hama

The SAA conducted artillery shelling and helicopter strikes on positions of militants in the settlements of al-Lataminach, al-Hamrah, al-Mustasha, Janahir, Al-Hwaize, Kalaat al-Madik, Arbain, Tell as-Sayad and Kafrzita in Hama province. The rocket launchers of militants were destroyed in the last two settlements.

The militants in turn shelled the government territories in settlements of Al-Saffiyah, Sheikh Hadid, as well as at the Zlín checkpoint.

The Syrian Arab Army shelled the positions of militant in the settlements of Jazraya, Khan Tuman, Zeytan, Byrne in Aleppo province. The militants of Free Syrian Army claimed that they managed to liquidatea group of government troops as a result of artillery shelling near the city of al-Bab.

The Coalition Air Force released several white phosphorus bombs towards terrorist positions in the city of Hajin. It is also reported that the Coalition Air Force struck at positions of terrorists in the Hangirah mountain area in the northeast of the province of Iraq Salah ed-Din.

10. 09. 2018, 01:01
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