Russian Aerospace Forces Conduct Massive Attack to Militants in Hama and Idlib

The Syrian and Russian jets struck militants’ positions in Idlib and Hama

In the last 24 hours, the Russian Aerospace Forces have struck on positions of the militants in the Kafrzita, Hirbat al-Nakus and al-Mashek areas in Hama province and in the Tal As area in the southern suburb of Idlib.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army has conducted artillery shelling militants’ positions around the villages of al-Barisa, ar-Rafa, al-Quwain, Qastun, at-Tah and at-Tamaniah in the province of Idlib. Local sources report that the government offensive will begin next week. Government sources reported that many militants are fleeing from Idlib to Turkey overcoming “the wall of Erdogan”.

The militants in turn shelled the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in the village of Slinfa in the suburbs of Hama. As a result, the captain of the SAA was killed.

07. 09. 2018, 00:12
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