Syrian Arab Army Repulsed Attack of Militants at Border Checkpoint at-Tanaf

The militants of Usud al-Sharqiya attempted to cross the at-Tanaf border checkpoint in Homs province. In the course of clashes with government troops, two militants were killed and two more were taken prisoner.

It is reported that today, the Turkish convoy with military equipment entered through the border checkpoint of Kafrlusin, heading for observation posts in the south of Idlib governorate. Military equipment will be equally divided between the settlements of Sarman and Morek.

A series of explosions of car bombs occurred in Idlib province. The first explosion occurred in the city of Saraqib. 4 people injured in the second explosion in the town of ad-Dana. The third and fourth explosions occurred in the al-Baytra and ad-Dabit neighborhoods in the city of Idlib. The militants of Jabhat al-Nusra accused the fighters of Jaysh al-Islam of organizing explosions.

The militants of The National Front for the Liberation of Syria claimed that 10 trucks with chemical weapons arrived to organize an attack against civilians in Latakia province. It is reported that Pentagon officials are preparing a list of strategic objects of the SAA, which will be struck in the event of a chemical attack.

01. 09. 2018, 23:11
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