Syrian Arab Army Pursues Remnants of Islamic State in Desert of As-Suwayda Province

Military convoys of government troops are advancing in eastern As-Suwayda desert

The Syrian Arab Army supported by Allied forces advanced 30 kilometers into the desert in As-Suwayda province. Terrorists try to avoid a direct clash with government forces.

Islamic State terrorists have captured the oil well of Bir Al-Milch from the Syrian Democratic Forces in the east of Deir Ezzor province. It is also reported that terrorists attacked the SAA in the suburb of Abu Kamal – Hamadan.

Russian anti-aircraft system shot down the explosive-laden drone over the city of Jablah in Latakia province. The drone first attacked during daylight hours.

The government troops conducted intense artillery shelling on the settlements of al-Lataminah, Mashik and Mansoura in Hama province. Three terrorists from the Turkestan Islamic Party were killed in the last attack.

The Free Syrian Army killed 2 Kurds in the region of the settlement of Kafr Nabu in Aleppo governorate. The People’s Protection Units in turn reported that they killed 2 Turkish soldiers and 4 militants of the SFA in the city of Afrin in the first week of August.

The militants of Tahrir al-Sham killed a terrorist in the village of Barisa in the east of Idlib province. The militants continue to arrest “collaborators”, fearing a repetition of the situation on the southern front of Daraa.

It is reported that the military intelligence service of Syria arrested four high-ranking security officers of President al-Assad yesterday. The reason for the arrest of the officers is their possible connection with Iran.

10. 08. 2018, 00:12
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