Terrorists Attack Syrian Airbase in North of As-Suwayda

A column of cars with the Islamic State terrorists moving in As-Suwayda

Terrorists organized an attack on the positions of Syrian troops based on the territory of the Khalkhalah airbase in the north of the province of As-Suwayda last night. It is reported that the terrorists destroyed two Syrian warplanes and several drones and also eliminated more than 40 Syrian soldiers during the clashes. Nevertheless, the Syrian Arab Army repulsed the attack and called in reinforcements. Russian Aerospace Forces together with the Syrian Air Force and artillery shelled the positions of terrorists in the northeast of the province after the incident.

The Syrian Army officially announced yesterday the establishment of control over the settlements of Jubat al-Hashab and Ufania in Quneitra province. This will allow the Syrian troops to monitor the situation on the territory of the Golan Heights.

Meanwhile, fighting continued between government troops and militants in the north of Latakia province.

Several units of militants united and formed a new grouping called the National Liberation Front in Idlib governorate.

02. 08. 2018, 01:01
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