Nawa City Passes under Control of Syrian Army

Second group of militants evacuated from Quneitra province/almasdarnews

Over the past day, after the airstrikes of the Russian Air Forces, the SAA entered the city of Jalin (Daraa gov.) and liberated several quarters inside it. Also, the Syrian Army captured the Tell al-Jabiya Height.

The IS source, in turn, reported that the attacks of the SAA in the cities of Jlayn and Tell Ashtara were thwarted by ISIS, and as a result, several government soldiers were wounded or killed. Moreover, the terrorists destroyed SAA tank and eliminated 25 soldiers near the settlement of Tal al-Jamua in the western Daraa. In addition, the IS fighters have repulsed the attack on the direction of Tall Jumu, killing five “Tiger” fighters.

Nevertheless, buses arrived in the city of Nawa (Daraa prov.) with the aim to evacuate the rebels, and as a result, the city passed without extra bloodshed under the full control of the SAA.

In the province of Quneitra, the mass evacuation of people to the north of Syria continued. Totally, over the past day, about 2500 people (including ~ 1500 rebels) left Quneitra. Last militants are still destroying their equipment and positions, and the new convoys must leave tomorrow. Before their final departure from the province, militants set fire to the border crossing point on the border with Israel.

What is more, after reconciliation, the Syrian Army took control over the Tall Ahmar Gharbi / Sharqi hills, Ruwayhinah, Rasm Halabi, Rasm al-Zawyia, Ain Ziwan, Ain al-Abd, Kudna, Asbah in the countryside of Quneitra province. However, the ceasefire agreement in the area of Ufaniya – Jubata al-Khashab was suspended, as the militants refused to surrender and began shelling the government troops.

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