8 Settlements Come Under Control of Syrian Arab Army in Daraa

Government soldier on Tell Harrah in Daraa

In the last 24 hours, SAA has captured At Tayhah, Zimrin, Umm al-Ausaj, Kafr Nasij and Tal Hamad in Daraa province. Militants laid down their arms and surrendered to Syrian Army in the towns of Al Harrah and Nimer.

It was also reported that that government troops captured the strategic hilltop of Tal Al-Harrah after numerous air strikes and fierce battles.

Terrorists claimed that they have captured Al-Sijan,AL-Azraq,Al-Thuban,and the oilfields east of Al-Hariji village from Syrian Democratic Forces(Deir Ezzor gov.).

The Syrian Air Force conducted several air strikes on positions of militants in the settlements of Nabaa As-Sahr and Kuseyba in Quneitra province. Meanwhile, Syrian Army captured Tell Musharah during the fighting with the militants.

Rebels in turn shelled government forces in the settlements of Khan Arnabah, Jaba and on the Tell al-Bazzaq.

17. 07. 2018, 01:01
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