Syrian Arab Army Сaptures 4 More Settlements in Daraa

Buses depart to the outskirts of Daraa

SAA captured the settlements of Tell Mutawwaq al-Kabeer, Sagheer, Surayeh and Zimrin in Daraa province. Militants began to hand over heavy and medium weapons to government forces.

Buses arrived for the evacuation of militants and civilians who refused terms of deal reached with the Syrian government. First group of militants and their families in Daraa have boarded bus to depart in the Northern Syria.

SAA captured the village of Masharah from militants in Quneitra province. During the fighting, Syrian troops destroyed the armoury, killed and wounded several militants. However, militants returned the village under their control and shelled the positions of Syrian soldiers in the settlementts of Jaba and Tal al-Bzak that evening.

Militants shelled artillery from the village of al-Malyah, destroying the ammunition depot and killing several SAA soldiers in Aleppo governorate.

Syrian Democratic Forces together with the Coalition Air Forces attack the position of terrorists in the city of Hajin in Deir Ezzor province.

Meanwhile, terrorists detonated the militants’ car in the area of the settlement Al Karama east of the city of Raqqa. As a result, five rebels were killed (Aleppo gov.).

16. 07. 2018, 01:01
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