Syrian Army Units Enter Daraa al-Balad

Syrian flag was raised in the center of the city of Daraa

Successful negotiations were held between the Center for Reconciliation of Russia and the Syrian Democratic Forces on the transfer of heavy weapons to the government forces in the city of Daraa. After that, Syrian army units entered Daraa al-Balad and raised the national flag in the main square. For the first time since 2011, this hotbed of the Syrian uprising went under the control of Damascus.

The Syrian Arab Army entered the city of Tafas, Inhil and Kfar Shams after an agreement with the militants (Daraa gov.).

Meanwhile, ISIS terrorists attacked militants and captured the settlement of Hayt in Daraa province.

Terrorists attacked militants on the road between the settlements of Maarat Misrin and Sarmadan, in the city of Idlib and near the city of Khan Sheikhoun (Idlib gov.).

The Israeli Air Force attacked the positions of the Syrian Army’s allies in settlements of Khan Arnabah, Samdania al-Sharqi, al-Baath in Quneitra province. According to an SAA source, the Syrian Air Defense Force shelled Israeli planes in the area of Kars al-Nanl. Government troops repulsed the attack of militants on the hill Krom Jaba after the Israeli shelling.

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