Syrian Arab Army Attacks Terrorists in Northwest of Daraa

Russian military jets taking off from Hmeimim air base

Negotiations failed between the Russian Reconciliation Center and militants in the settlement of Daraa al-Balyad.

The Russian Air Forces conducted several air strikes of terrorists’ positions in Saham al-Jaoulian in Daraa province. Syrian Arab Army in turn captured the Tell Yubla from terrorists west of the city of Daraa, as well as the Tell al-Ashary west of city of Tafas.

It was also reported that SAA captured the settlement of Saham Al Jawlan in Daraa province. However, there were reports that the Syrian Air Forces targeted air strikes in these areas.

It is reported that the Syrian Army repelled an attempt by terrorists to penetrate Khalkhalah airbase, which is the headquarters of the current operations in Daraa governorate.

Meanwhile, terrorists have claimed that they exploded a bomb in the settlement of Zayzun in Yarmouk Basin area in Daraa province. As a result, several soldiers of the Syrian Army were killed and wounded.

It is reported that militants have conducted an artillery shelling of the Syrian Army positions in the mountains in the north of Latakia province for the second consecutive day. More than 70 soldiers of the SAA and their allies were injured.

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