Syrian Army Controls More Than 70% of Southern Daraa

Syrian Army rolls into southwest Daraa along Jordanian borders/almasdarnews

Last morning, the Syrian troops continued their offensive along the border with Jordan to the west of the city of Daraa (Daraa gov.) and as a result, they have closely approached to the besieged by IS terrorists territory in the west of the governorate. In the course of the attack, the SAA recaptured several border points from the militants and took control over the settlements of Kharab Al-Shahm, Tall Shihab, Zayzun and others.

Meanwhile, the SAA units from the seized on the previous day airbase and the border post of Nasib met on the border with Jordan, completely encircling militants in the southern districts of the provincial capital.

Militants agree to transfer many cities and villages through the peace agreement with the authorities. Yesterday, rebels from the city of Tafas handed over to the Russian military police their pickups equipped with heavy machine guns.

Late in the evening, jihadists launched a powerful attack on the NDF in the north of Latakia province. Not so long ago, the SAA began to strengthen the line of defense in this area in anticipation of a large-scale attack. Despite the absence of aviation, the troops manage to restrain the onslaught

10. 07. 2018, 02:02
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