Militants Gradually Leave Battlefield

Syrian Army foils major jihadist attack in northeast Latakia/almasdarnews

Over the past day, Syrian troops continued the onslaught on the militants encircled in the southern districts of Daraa (Daraa gov.) and captured several points in the vicinity of the provincial capital.

It is reported that militants from the villages of Simlin, Kafr Nasij, Kafr Shams and Aqrabah, located in the north-west of the province, decided to lay down their arms and surrender to the government troops. Meanwhile, several militants who do not want to engage in dialogue with the Syrian authorities have joined to the terrorists based in the south-west of the province.

Yesterday, the Islamic State supporters attacked the SAA with the help of a suicide bomber. The terrorist on the car drove into the territory of the liberated on the eve settlement of Zayzun and activated the explosive device. According to the IS source, as a result of the attack, more than 35 Syrian and Russian servicemen were killed. Later, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation denied the information about the death of the Russian military.

Organized on Monday, militants’ attack in the north of the province of Latakia lead to the clear defeat of the SAA. “Tahrir al-Sham” and FSA fighters managed to liquidate about 25 government soldiers and capture a small number of weapons and ammunition. In response to this attack, the Russian Air Forces launched the raid against enemy forces in the west of Idlib province.

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