Syrian Army Liberates Most of Eastern Part of Daraa

Syrian soldiers flash the victory sign in the vicinity of Daraa

In the last 24 hours, government troops have captured the settlement of Umm al-Mayadin in the southeast of Daraa province. Syrian engineering troops entered the liberated settlements of Umm al-Mayadin and At- Tayyibah to clear mines and IEDs left by militants. In addition, Syrian troops dismantle the barricades along the section of the M-5 highway in the south of Daraa governorate.

Meanwhile, SAA captured the strategic air defense base of militants south-west of the city of Daraa. Russian Reconciliation Center together with the Russian military police arrived in the town of Tafas to conduct negotiations with local militants.

Some smaller rebel groups formed the “Army of the South” to fight the Syrian Army in the provinces of Daraa and Quneitra.

The Syrian Air Defense confronted a fresh of enemy attack on the T-4 Airbase tonight. The Syrian Air Defense was able to down some of enemy rockets. According to the military source, Israeli Air Forces probably attacked the Syrian Airbase in Homs province.

09. 07. 2018, 02:02
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