Militant Drones Attack Russian Kheimim Airbase

Militant drones that attacked Hmeyemim Airbase / almasdarnews

Several militant drones attempted to attack the Kheimim Airbase in Latakia province two nights in a row. All of the drones were successfully shot down by the Russian air-defense system.

Meanwhile, the militants captured the Tell Kurum in the north of Hasakah province. As a result there have been casualties among government soldiers. Syrian Arabic Army in turn repulsed militants Jabhat al-Nusra attack near the town of al-Baath. Most militants were wounded or killed, reports say.

Syrian Democratic Forces captured about 31 villages in Hasakah province.

Terrorists detonated a car with militants  in the city of al-Dana in the northeast of Idlib Province. It was also reported that terrorists attacked Tahrir al-Sham militants in the town of Saraqib.

08. 07. 2018, 01:01
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