Negotiations Successful: Syrian Army Establishes Full Control over Route from Damascus to border with Jordan

Jordanian Army sends reinforcements to Syrian border/almasdarnews

Last night, elite detachments of the Syrian Army continued their offensive along the M-5 road in the south of the province of Daraa and liberated from militants the settlement of Al-Naimah, as well as granaries located to the south of it.

At noon in the city of Bosra al-Sham, between the representatives of the Syrian opposition and the Russian reconciliation center scheduled negotiations took place, after which the militants agreed to transfer control over the border point of Naseeb to the government troops. The release of this point was the main aim for the SAA after the restoration of control in the province of Damascus.

Also, as a result of negotiations, militants from the settlements of Naseeb, Umm al-Mayadin and At-Tayyibah will hand over their weapons to the government troops.

Now the Syrian Army will switch its attention to the southern part of the provincial capital. Local militants, as well as militants from the western part of the governorate, refuse to negotiate with the authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic and confidently keep the defense, despite the active shelling of the Syrian artillery and the Russian Air Forces.

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