Negotiations Break Down and Syrian Army Begins Attack in Southern Daraa

Syrian Army soldiers hold their weapons during a government attacks in Daraa / msn

Syrian Arab Army entered the town of Kaheel, following an agreement with the militants last night. Syrian Army began a sweeping operation in order to make sure there were no explosives left behind by the militants (Daraa gov.).

SAA conducted an artillery shelling of militants’ positions in the settlement of Tafas and resumed the offensive in Daraa governorate.

Negotiations collapsed between Russian troops and militants on the southern Syria and military operation to be resumed in Daraa province.

The terrorists targeted of government forces positions in the settlement of Al-Shaykh Maskin in Daraa province. It is reported that many militants have joined the terrorists in recent days.

Also, Syrian Army carried out a massive bombardment of the settlements of Al-Lataminah, Al-Arbaeen, Al-Thamna, Janaiba, Al-Zakat in the north of Hama province.

04. 07. 2018, 23:11
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