Kurdish Forces Conduct Powerful Attack Against ISIS in Hasakah Province

newly captured areas by Syrian Army in Hasakah Province / twitter:civilwarmap

The coalition’s air forces launched a number of attacks at positions of terrorists near Ash-Shafah settlements in Deir Ezzor province. In the last 24 hours, Syrian Democratic Forces conducted a powerful offensive against the ISIS terrorists and captured 16 villages in the southeastern countryside of Hasakah province.

Free Syrian Army repulsed the offensive of the Syrian Army in the settlements of Taiba, Umm al Mayadin and Tafas in Daraa province. It was reported that several military weapons of the Syrian Army were disarmed during the fighting. SAA, in turn, shelled the surroundings of Saida and Taiba villages, killing many militants and continuing the offensive.

Israeli troops struck at the armory of the Syrian Army on the M5 highway near the town of Mahaja in Daraa governorate.

04. 07. 2018, 02:02
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