Local Militants in Daraa Province Intend to Fight until End

Jihadist rebels attempt to break into Aleppo city/almasdarnews

Last morning, Syrian troops organized a powerful attack on militants’ positions in the vicinity of the city of Tafas, located north of the administrative center of the province of Daraa. With the support of the Russian Air Forces and the Syrian artillery, ground troops attacked the enemy in the settlement of Tayr and on the Tel-Samman Hill. The militants, however, gave a tough rebuff to the SAA, destroying the infantry fighting vehicle and at least 4 tanks. In addition, they liquidated two officers of the Syrian Army.

Meanwhile, “Tiger Forces” continued their offensive east of the city of Daraa. While the artillery was actively shelling militants in the cities of Saida and At-Tayyibah, troops approached, from the east and the north the border point Naseeb, located in the south of the province. Local fighters, despite the shortage of soldiers, refused to make concessions and decided to fight to the end.

The troops of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” are preparing to storm besieged by terrorists the city of Tuwaymin, located not far from the border with Iraq in the south of the province of Hasaka. Yesterday, Kurdish fighters began to encircle Tuwaimin and repulsed the nearby village of Al-Sarajiyah.

03. 07. 2018, 01:01
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