Next Stage of Negotiations with Militants in Daraa Province

Russia foils militant attack on strategic airbase/almasdarnews

Last night, Russian air defense systems repelled another drone attack at the airbase Hmeimim in the province of Latakia. In response to this attack, the SAA artillery shelled militants’ positions in the north of the governorate.

In the province of Daraa, the cities of Ibta and Dail are completely passed under the control of the Syrian Army. Meanwhile, militants from the city of Busra al-Sham began transferring their heavy weapons to the Russian military.

Also yesterday, representatives of the Russian Reconciliation Center continued their dialogue with the FSA militants through mediation with Jordan to conclude a peace agreement. However, not all rebels are ready to cooperate with the Syrian authorities. For example, in the city of Sayda, armed FSA fighters organized a demolition in the building where the Syrian opposition was scheduled to meet with the Russian delegation.

SDF fighters started the second phase of the operation against the IS terrorists along the border with Iraq, in the east of the province of Hasaka, and as a result of the clashes, they moved south of the settlement of Ad-Dashishah.

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