Syrian Army Gains Control Of Seven More Settlements In Daraa

Syrian troops on a tank in one of the newly captured settlements in Daraa province

In the last 24 hours, Syrian Arab Army gained control of seven more settlements in Daraa province: Tafas, Khirbat Jillah, Ghariyat al Garbiyah, Ghariyat as Sharqiah, al Kаrak, al Musayfirah, Sahwat al Qamh.

Militants based in Daraa Al-balad district of Daraa and suburban village of an-Naimia, shelled the governorate capital yesterday. Syrian Army fired back at militants’ positions. A large number of civilians was killed as result of terrorists shelling.

Negotiations on south Syria have failed again between Russian forces and militants.

During yesterday’s attack in Syrian Badia ISIS terrorists have killed nine SAA soldiers, burned a barrack and captured SAA’s weapons. According to sources, the terrorists were unaffected.

Tahrir Al Sham announced control over all ISIS sites in Sarmin city in Idlib province.

30. 06. 2018, 22:10
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