Syrian Arab Army Captured Busra Al Harir Town In Daraa Province

Smoke rises above militant areas of Daraa during an airstrike by Syrian Army

Syrian Arab Army captured Busra Al Harir town and Malihat Al Atash village in Lajat region (Daraa gov.). During the fighting, SAA seized five tanks, one BRDM and four pickup trucks armed with machineguns. SAA conducted a preliminary air and artillery shelling of militants’ positions in al-Haraq, preparing the forthcoming offensive. It was also reported that SAA attacked militants’ positions in Muliyha Sharqiyah and Muliyha Gharbiyah villages.

Free Syrian Army has hit a Syrian Air forces plane near Mulejah Al-Sharqiya settlement in Daraa governorate. The pilot ejected himself from the plane and has not been found yet.

Coalition drone destroyed 9 ISIS terrorists in surroundings of As Suvar village in Deir Ezzor province.

Israel Air forces struck Iranian cargo plane that was being unloaded at the Damascus airport.

Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli drone over the city of Hadar in northern Quneitra, reports say.

27. 06. 2018, 02:02
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