Syrian Army Liberates Several Villages In Daraa; Various Militant Groups Begin Coping With Government

In the last 24 hours Syrian Arab Army backed by Syrian and Russian aviation continued steadily advancing in south Syria in the frameworks of one of the biggest military operations during the Syrian Conflict. Militants have captured several villages in north-east Daraa province, including Jaddel, Hawsh Hammad. During the day militants attempted to regain control of Jaddel village, but the Syrian troops were able to repel the attack, capturing a T-55 tank and an armored car.

There were also rumors that the SAA entered the city of Busra al-Hariri, but military sources denied the information, saying that the Army still only continues holding fire control over the city.

Tahrir al-Sham militants shamed FSA for discussing secession from the conflict with the Russian and Syrian sides. It was reported that Mahajjah-based militants have laid down their weapon and surrendered to the Syrian authorities.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army cleared some more territory along the border with Iraq from ISIS, west of the city of Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor gov.)

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