Syrian Army Reduces Suwayda Pocket, Advances Towards Daraa

The third day has passed since the launch of a large-scale SAA operation that is taking place in the south of Syria. The SAA continues offensive in As-Suwayda province, advancing towards the province of Daraa. Government troops have significantly reduced As-Suwayda pocket, liberating about 650 square kilometers of territory from terrorists in As-Suwayda. In the last two days, Syrian Arab Army has liberated about 15 hills and villages: Tal Qabr Siyah, Tal Dahaya, Khirbat Hawi Hussain village, Tal Derbas, Tal Dabbab, Tal Luthawi, Tal Al-Kheil, Tal Um Al-Janbaris, Tal Al-Dhurs, Tal Ali, Khirbet Al Habariya, Deir Dama and Al-Bustan, Jabal Abu Kawas and Tel Al-Mugir. Terrorists, in their turn, killed at least 20 soldiers and destroyed 2 Army vehicles.

SAA continues to conduct preliminary artillery shelling in Daraa province. SAA Artillery and aviation struck at positions of militants in the cities of Busra al-Harir and Al-Mleyha. The militants responded by shelling the positions of the SAA in the villages of Sakakah and Khirbet Ghazala.

SDF have sent reinforcements from Hasakah to the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside to fight terrorists. SDF seized the village of al-Zibah from the ISIS.

Clashes were also reported between ISIS and SAA in the village area of Al-Alyaniyah east of Palmyra (Homs gov.).

Turkish and US military convoys keep arriving in Manbij (Aleppo gov.)

23. 06. 2018, 02:02
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