SDF Captures Al-Dashishah Town – ISIS Stronghold In Hasakah

Garrison of Awared Dam in South-East Homs desert, close to Al-Tanf zone / twitter:QalaatAlMudiq

After days of fighting, Syrian Democratic Forces captured the town of Al-Dashishah, which was the main ISIS stronghold in Hasakah governorate and one of the few major ISIS-held settlements left in Syria.

There were several explosions in various towns of Idlib arranged by unknown militants. One of them in Dirkush town killed 3 HTS militants. Two others occured in Al Malyahi and Saraqib and left 2 children seriously wounded.

Jaysh al-Izza (FSA) militants attacked SAA Al-Massasnah checkpoint in Hama, wounding large number of soldiers

After capturing vast strategic territories in Deir Ezzor, including Bir Atshan, Tel Shadid, Abar al-Barak, Wadi al-Luwayzah, SAA detachments are scouring the enclave between Al-Tanf and al-Jayb. At least 22 people were killed in yesterdays’ battles in the Syrian Desert

Syrian Arab Army has destroyed ISIS’ column near T2 base in Homs. Terrorists in their turn, destroyed 2 SAA vehicles, killing all soldiers inside of them.

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