SDF On Verge Of Capturing ISIS Stronghold In Al-Hasakah

SDF militants at the al-Tanak oil field

Syrian Arab Army and allied forces clashed with Islamic State terrorists in Al-Hermiya area in northeastern Al-Suwayda province. Syrian Air Force continued bombing ISIS positions in Al-Karaa and nearby territory, while the artillery shelled Al-Habiriyah, Khirbet al-Umbashi, and Al-Tamthuna areas.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces continued their offensive against ISIS in Al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor provinces. SDF reportedly captured villages of Tell al-Jayir and Al-Qasr. Active clashes with support of Coalition jets are ongoing in Hajin, Deir Ezzor province. SDF Artillery shells terrorists’ positions in As-Sousa (Deir Ezzor gov.), Heit and Jalin (Daraa gov.).

Syrian Arab Army struck FSA’s vehicle with a Kornet anti-tank guided missile in Jabal Turkman (Latakia gov.). Militants attacked SAA positions in Hama and Daraa. Casualties were reported on all sides. Assassinations of HTS members began to occur on regular basis in Idlib governorate. At least 2 militants were killed today (one of them was a FSA member) and one of high-ranking HTS commanders was killed yesterday.

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